Important of Print Marketing

It is believed that the print culture started early as the 15th century and even in 2019, we still love the feeling of reading from a book or paper. Recently, there has been a significant advancement in how we consume media. Today everyone sports a smartphone and many of us have turned to digital screens to get information on various things. Hence, companies use online forms of marketing to get to a wide range of audience. This has brought up an argument, is print media marketing viable anymore? Let’s review!

Nothing Can Ever Beat The Feeling Of Having Paper In Your Hand

Let’s face it, no matter how advanced digital screen get, there is a certain sense of occasion when you hold a book. The data is also solid on this fact as the yearly average of books sales is on a steady rise. By 2022, books are projected to have total revenue of $50.3, which is 2.7 billion dollars more than what it had in 2007.

This is mainly because print media is less distractive and provides a material presence that digital devices can’t replicate. People even buy them just to experience that smell of freshly print material.

The real magic is in the experience. With screen, your reading will be interrupted by notifications and messages, something that breaks that breaks the overall flow, making it harder for you to immerse yourself in it. With books, there are no such interruptions, it’s just you, the book and the experience!

Marketing Using Print Media

Print media has significant value over the digital form of advertisements. In this day and age, we tend to automatically skip through all the marketing materials that are thrown at us while we are surfing the internet of using an app. Take YouTube, for instance, we all skip the ad as soon as the skip button becomes active.

However, print media is different, they are hard to ignore because of the same physical presence that we discussed earlier. A brochure, flyer or a poster never fails to catch our eyes, granted they are designed well. The best examples for validating the points of print marketing materials are high-end brands.

When you buy something expensive, you always see that they include high-quality brochures and pamphlets. Have you ever wonder why they do this when the customer can look the same up online? It’s because people respond better to print materials rather than digital solutions. Glossy magazines and crafted papers never fail to speak luxury.

On the topic of marketing, we cannot stress how much of importance business cards have, even in 2019. It is a form of self-marketing, and if done right, it is one of the most effective forms of marketing. With a small piece of card, you can build yourself a repertoire that imparts trust and a sense of reliability in people. That is one of the best examples on why print marketing rules!

Print Marketing: Exploring The Possibilities Beyond Paper

When we talk about printing, we have passed the line where printing would only work on paper. Nowadays, you can print on t-shirts, stationery item, utensils, mugs, cups etc. these can be used as a powerful marketing tool to get people to know your business.

Many businesses are taking advantage of these type of printing techniques. They use printing to brand certain items so that they can circulate it through customers or employees. The goal here is to make people aware of your brand and generate leads in the process.

The hardware used for printing is also evolving with time, helping companies to print on way more materials than paper or cloth. Also, the same changes are felt across the raw materials that go into the printing process like ink. Modern print marketing uses high-quality inks that give you merchandise that professional outlook.

It’s remarkable how printing, which is one of oldest information distribution techniques made by the humankind still persists as one of the most effective at grabbing people’s attention even in 2019. We think this article helped you find the answer to the question many are asking these days – Is print media marketing viable anymore? Yes, it is and it will stay there for years to come!