Even in the era of smartphones and digital interfaces, the importance and popularity of printing haven’t been overshadowed by one bit. The reason why printing is still the go-to method for better communication and interaction is that it gives a sense of presence that its digital replacements lack. However, printing is not a single method as there are many different ways printing can be done.

We can trace the origin of mechanized printing back to the fifteenth century as it was when  Johannes Gutenberg first invented the printing press. Years later, we have developed technologies that can print out materials faster and more efficiently.

While on the subject of printing, one can realize that there is a huge debate that goes on whether go for digital or offset printing. Both do the same job, but when we get into the details of how they do it, the differentiation is clear. Let’s have a look at the most used method of printing first – Offset Printing.

What Is Offset Printing and Why Is It So Popular

Offset printing or also known as lithography is a form of printing that is used most widely than any other printing technique.  The best way to give a visual representation of offset printing is to imagine the videos you have seen of newspapers being printed with huge rollers.

The working of offset printer is quite simple as it is all about transferring designs from one block to another. The printer first burns the design into a metal roller. This roller is then layered with a thin coat of ink that sticks to the burned profile of the roller. The metal roller is then made to run over another roller made of runner.  So the colored image on the metal roller will offset it on to the rubber roller. This is where the printing gets is name “offset” Printing.

The transfer of the image results in sharper and more detailed image. One roller can only carry one type of color. So if there are more colors, more rollers are needed. From this very brief and comprehensive description, you now have an idea how cumbersome this process is. Nevertheless, due to the sheer scale at which they can print papers, offset printing stood as an undisputed king for printing large-scale commercial and consumer materials.

Digital Printing: The New Frontier in Printing

Digital printing is the printing method that uses the latest tech in printing. Unlike offset printers, digital printers do not need rollers to get the work done. The best thing about digital printing is that it doesn’t require any bulky machinery parts. The best example of digital printing is the printer you have at your office desk or home. They used inkjets or lasers to get the printing done.

Also, since there is no need to prep rollers before printing, the user can print images in an instant. This also has a great cost saving impact on low volume printing or short format digital printing.  If you require only 1 -10 pages of prints, then going for an offset printing method can be a costly affair while digital printer can undertake the job easily.

Large printing companies have digital printers that can print on various paper sizes and give more accurate color fidelity.

What’s best for personalization?

With the latest trends is poster or banner creation, there are a lot of lines, shapes, and edges involved that are hard to get with an offset printer. With the digital printer, you can have a truly personalized set of material that is not economically viable with offset printers.

With digital printers, you will have the freedom to order short volumes of personalized materials (think fliers, banners, posters, etc.). Another benefit of digital printers is that you can use it to print on more than just paper.  The customized body wears, apparels and utensils can use the help of digital printers to get a very neat and aesthetically appealing material.

Which should you choose for your project?

It all falls down to your requirements. If you need large-scale printed materials with very high color reproduction factor, then offset printers will justify their cost.

If you need short-medium volumes material where you can customize indefinitely what you want to print, then digital printing is the best way forward.

At Liberty Printing Press LLC, we pioneer in both digital and offset printing technologies. We can undertake personalized order with our digital printing layout and an offset printing layout for mass printing purposes. We use the latest and most advanced technologies for out printing methods guaranteeing supreme quality no matter the medium used.