Today, the universe of digital or computerized printing is available to everybody, from the person at home who needs to print photos, directly through to the printing press in Dubai. As by and the large print quality has improved, the ramifications of computerized printing have likewise turned out to be much more clear.

Speedier Printing

Advanced printing has improved the business as far as getting quick outcomes. In the event that you need a print work in a rush, at that point, advanced printing is your common alternative. There is no extra set up, and the print quality isn’t adjusted because of quick print speed. It is additionally the common decision when you need mass things printed inconceivably rapidly.

Propelled Print Quality

The printing press in Dubai introducing digital printing by a wide margin the perfect printing answer for everybody. It is further developed than that of lithographic printing and is a far simpler approach to print pictures based on your personal preference.

Flexible Printing Techniques

Liberty printing press says that digital printing is that it is the adaptable alternative. You can print a picture, content or pretty much whatever else onto a wide range of surfaces and wraps up. This incorporates earthenware production, metallic and imprinting onto canvas.

Incentive for Cash

Advanced printing techniques offer an extraordinary incentive for cash. It takes less ink, less time and, subsequently, you end up paying significantly less for your printing needs. Advanced printers have additionally descended a ton in cost throughout the years and are more conservative than any time in recent memory.

More Extensive Scope of Colors

Today, customers have more colors to look over than any other time in recent memory. With such a rich shading palette, organizations and people alike would now be able to make a really customized picture that mirrors their image or essentially a picture that is a genuine representation of a friend or family member. Pantone alone has amazing 1,867 shading choices.

Interactive Ventures

Propelled methods, for example, the utilization of thermos hues, can make a really intuitive print process. The printing of intelligent QR codes is additionally a progressive thought. For the person at home, the computerized print procedure can, in any case, be intuitive as these people are a piece of the print configuration process.

Specialty aptitudes are as yet significant When it goes to the universe of computerized printing, the person behind the structure or photo is as yet significant. The innovation may have made some amazing progress yet without the abilities required you won’t get your ideal picture. Numerous organizations today offer online instructional exercises and well-ordered aides with regards to planning and after that printing your picked picture, onto whatever material you pick.

Stunning Photos

The universe of advanced printing has improved the manner by which photos are printed. Today, photos are present of a lot higher pixel proportion and are more honed and progressively characterized because of this improved innovation. It likewise implies that photographic pictures would now be able to be imprinted onto canvas, fabric, and earthenware production.

Printing has certainly come a long way since the early years where prints blocks were used to the modern day technologies like Inkjet that delivers high speed and high efficiency. However, as the technologies we use become more and more advanced, we discover and invent new processes that deliver even more potential than the one before. One such technical advancement that is going to hit the world of printing in the near future is Nanographic Printing Technology.

Inkjet Vs. Nanography: Which One’s For The Future?!

The idea behind Nanographic printing is to use nano-pigments that offer superior image quality that the inks that we use today. Nanographic Printing Technology is said to replace Inkjet prints, which is the current standard for high-quality prints, in the near future. Now, this begs the question, why we would want to replace inkjet printers in the first place.

The answer is quite obvious if you are familiar with inkjet prints. Even though they can print a variety of colors, that too at high speeds, they fall short in the following areas.

  • Inkjet printing results in the ink directly falling on the paper. This results in the paper soaking up the water content thereby reducing the strength of the paper.
  • The ink starts to spread a little when it is in contact with the paper fibers. This smoothens the edges of the print, which is not ideal when you are looking to get crisp edges on your print.
  • Multiple layering cannot be done using inkjet printers because the paper needs to be completely dry before another layer of ink can be added.

These disadvantages that we have mentioned are not just restricted to Inkjet printers, but also for any kind of printing that uses water-based ink or pigment.

Nanographic printing is made to rectify these disadvantages when it comes to printing. Instead of using dyes or pigment, Nanography uses nano pigments that measure in just a few nanometers. Due to their very small size, they are more precise on paper. Hence, they do not get absorbed into adjacent paper fibers.

This is just one facet of Nanographic printing, as the feature set doesn’t just end with the ink. The new process uses indirect printing rather than directly injecting the ink to the paper which results the fine quality in shopping bag printing, brochure, magazine and all other digital printings.

How Does Nanography Printing Work?!

The process starts with the NanoInk particles projected into a heated conveyor blanket. The heat quickly evaporated the water content, leaving behind a polymeric film. The thickness of the film is just around 500 nm. The film is then transferred on to the paper, ensuring that the paper does not come in contact with the water from the ink, as only the pigment is transferred. This characteristic, along with the fact that it doesn’t get absorbed into the paper fibers result in sharp and color accurate images that have far better image quality than the inkjet printers we have today.

Some of the noteworthy advantages of Nanography Printing are;

  • NanoInk or Nano pigments are excellent at absorbing colors. Hence, they provide deep and rich color reproduction than ordinary printing methods.
  • The prints are 2-10 times thinner when compared with conventional inkjets or any other printing method. This means that users will find considerable cost savings when it comes to ink cartridges.
  • Nanographic printing provides 15% more color gamut than other forms of printing. This means that you will get more accurate colors on paper than with any other method of printing.
  • Due to the fact that the ink is dried before transferring it to the substrate, nanographic printing can be even done on surfaces like plastic.

Nanographic printing is now perfected by the company Landa, who netted a whopping $1 billion from investors for the development and roll-out of their nano-printing technology. We can expect to see mainstream adoption of this technology in the near future.

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